Johanna Ruppert is the initiator and artistic director of the festival Klassik nah dran. It took place for the first time in March 2017 in Zweibrücken. 
The festival is inspired of the aim to fill young people with enthusiasm for classical music with innovative concert formats. The patterns of the classical music business are there to break with experimental concert programs at untypical concert venues. 

One part of the festival is an education project with three schools in Zweibrücken in cooperation with TONALi-TOUR. The musicians will play concerts in the schools to bring classical music closer to the students and awake enthusiasm. The organisation of these concert is up to the pupil, they will learn the basics of culture management. 

Also for the musicians the festival is a challenge. The concert formats are developed, rehearsed and played by themselves. It is a chance to become creative and independently in creating and realize new concert formats.

The pupil get insights in the creative process of the musicians and can be part of it. (visits of rehearsals, support the implementation of the concert formats.)



SWR2 Feature

about Klassik nah dran Festival by Barbara Grech

SR2 Feature

about Klassik nah dran Festival by Barbara Grech